A human and equine athlete striving towards victory together is a captivating image – a jockey leaning over a horse’s neck and moving in perfect unison. One of the most famous races in history was a match race between the bay underdog Seabiscuit and imposing Triple Crown winner War Admiral. Nearly 40,000 people watched the race live at Pimlico Race Course in Maryland, and another 40 million listened on the radio. The roar in the grandstand must have been deafening, as were the cheers resounding from families listening in their homes.

Whether you’ve never seen a live race or you’re a seasoned professional of the Thoroughbred industry, we are all drawn together by a love of the horse and the action racing provides. Even more special about horse racing, is that you are not restricted to sitting in the stands as an observer. You can work hands-on with the athletes – raise them from birth, send them to be “recruited” to a racing team, train to become a professional, and watch them strengthen and improve through each race.

Amplify Horse Racing is a 501(c)(3) organization, dedicated to promoting education and careers in the Thoroughbred industry. Amplify is turning up the volume on horse racing and connecting people with the industry through information, education, and mentorship. Because this is not just a sport of kings. It is a sport for everyone.

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Amplifying education and careers in the Thoroughbred industry


Amplify Horse Racing’s mission is to amplify the Thoroughbred industry. We accomplish this by supporting and enhancing existing educational and engagement initiatives, while creating and developing new opportunities that lead us into the future. Amplify wants to open doors for anyone to be involved, welcoming all backgrounds, organizations, initiatives, riding disciplines, or age groups. Our goal is to generate positivity, share knowledge and experience, and to collaborate.

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